Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blessings in Disguise

Yep, I'm reflecting.

This time, it's about events over the past year that seemed like curses, but ended up being blessings.

1. The hubby getting laid off at the company where we both worked -- that was really rough. Especially since I had to get up and go to that place, sit in meetings with those people, and maintain a professional stature. It ultimately resulted in us selling the house, packing up our belongings and moving to another state. But today, we get to have dinner together almost every night, at a decent time, and I get to be at home when my kids walk in the door after school.

2. A company-wide re-org. The first round of layoffs meant there was more work to do for everyone who was left, and new roles for just about everyone at work. It was a pain in the arse, but somehow the people who were shuffled into my day-to-day happenings turned out to be some of the very best girlfriends I've ever had.

3. 'Initiatives'. There were so many pointless, go-nowhere initiatives that ended in disaster, but it also prompted The Margarita Sisters to create a 'Q2' initiative of our own. Thank God for those Thursday margaritas -- I'm totally convinced they're what got me through the darkest days. They're also what made me thankful to have the job I had.

4. Backaches. I've douched my lower back so many times over the past few months that I finally got off my keyster and joined the gym. I'm still a gob of goo, but I feel so much happier, more content, and healthy -- and I'll never take for granted having a body that works.

5. Clumsiness. It's a hereditary trait that has plagued me for my entire life. The most recent incident involved accidentally slicing my finger clear to the bone, spending Sunday night in the emergency room, and wearing a splint to prevent me from bending while the stitches heal. It has 'inspired' the rest of the family to pitch in on Thanksgiving with their own homemade dishes. It has also gotten me out of any duties that involve cutting things with a knife. This year I'm the one drinking beer and watching the football game....and it feels very nice.

I'm sure if I thought about it longer, I'd be able to come up with at least another five things for which to be grateful. But my red-headed son wants to get on the computer so he can watch YouTube and play Runescape. Thank goodness for red-headed sons.

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