Tuesday, November 4, 2008


She loves her new school! It's full of her "peeps"! We still have some paperwork and testing to complete this week, but it looks like she's going to be happy there. I'm thrilled. And now I can look into schooling for myself.

This week has been a major milestone -- I'm feeling like we're finally starting to settle in. TJ told me he loves having a "home momma" this morning. I met with a chiropractor yesterday, and my back is feeling a bit better.

Hope is on the horizon....I hope we can say the same once the election results are in.


Viveth said...


I am so happy that your family is settling in to a life that you LOVE!

Lynn said...

I am so happy. Finding your peeps is very important. Isn't it nice when the pieces all start to fall into place?

Mamma Mia said...

Finding one's sacred space is at the heart of every goddess' power.

Your lovely daughter is a Goddess in Training and sure to develop her myriad skills at a pace now that will astound you.

All power and precious energy to her!

Now you go be a Goddess, too!

Scissor Girl said...

It is awesome that you're all finding your stride. You deserve good energy and good times!