Friday, October 17, 2008


My butt has been stuck to the couch for a while. I've been an Internet addict since I discovered two sites that scan the rest of the web and then share the day's best sales, discounts, etc. I'm a sucker for a good deal, and now I'm hooked.

Yesterday, though, I did something different.

A friend invited me to go for a 7-mile hike in her favorite "forest." The leaves are so beautiful here, the birds are still chirping -- it was absolutely blissful. We were walking at a good clip -- enough to make it uncomfortable to talk. And there were lots of hills. My face was purple at the end of the trip.

And I feel victorious! It was so energizing just to get out into nature -- when I'm walking (or, in the old days, running) and not talking, the creative thoughts and ideas start flowing again. So that's why I've been so creatively constipated -- body and mind need to work together to make great things happen.

Peace out -- I'm off for another hike.

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